Why you will benefit from the Online Academy

The Yerba Buena Online Academy offers more than just online classes. We combine our passion for teaching with our mission for connection. We love to get in contact with our students and through our live streams, zoom meetings, social media groups and feedback sessions we take on the challenge together. You are never alone in your learning process and will be guided through your process at any time. 


We are more than a usual online school. Our exclusive LIVE online courses are constructed in a way that you are guided through your learning process at any time. You are never just left alone with the teaching video. All classes are open to a limited number of participants and we take care of you along the way. 


As a student of our Online Academy you become an official member of our worldwide community. You will be guided through your learning process not only with top notch LIVE classes but this will also be combined with feedback meetings and a strong bound to your teachers and our community. All courses are limited in the number of participants and we know the names of all our students.

Bye bye impersonal online classes, hello to the new generation of online learning!

Our Features

We love to teach! Let's go on the journey together!

Our exclusive online courses will take you on a journey to the unfolding of your potential. Guided by professional and experienced dancers and teachers you will always know exactly what to train to reach your goals.

  • Available on all devices

    You can access the Online Academy on all devices. Take your classes on your phone, tablet or desktop. All perfectly optimized for the best access at all times. 

  • Worldwide Access

    Now you can finally train with us even if you do not live in Berlin. Learn from anywhere, whether you are at the park, at home or on holiday.

  • Class Replay for at least 4 weeks 

    Dive into your learning process 24/7 with full flexibility. Never miss a class again and catch up on missed material.

  • Made with love

    We know your name! We are not just another online school. We are here to guide you and support you in your learning process via our live streams & feedback sessions.

Benefit of the YB Signature learning method

We’ve been teaching dance students since 1999. And now, we’ve brought together everything we’ve learned, for helping dance students around the world through our classes, lessons and interactive communities. By working closely with many of the best dancers, teachers, and coaches in the world for many years, we have collected a wide range of technique and styles to give YOU now the most organized, intuitive, and effective way to rapidly improve your dancing. Next to giving you access to a versatile range of experience, knowledge and assistance in learning we have created our own signature method of bringing the best results for our students. Supporting them becoming better dancers, growing as human beings and express themselves as creative and intelligent artists. We do what we love here is how:

Practice makes perfect. And better practice gets you there faster, more efficiently, and with way more fun! 


This is so important because this can creep inside almost everything that we do as dancers and artists, how we express, how we learn and how we connect to others through dance is mostly determined by our mindset.


Not all things can transform immediately and some things take longer than others but by observing our students individually it’s very important for us to contribute to theire process on a direct and specific way in every class.

Inspiration & Performance

Not only the performance in the end of the project is important for us but also to function as a role model for this performative spirit to inspire you in every class and to encourage you to participate in it through letting go and freeing your own expression.


All is learned better from a place of relaxation and joy. Learning processes are often funny and silly and that’s what makes the experience great as even in the most beautiful thing lays a bit of a silly character that will loosen us up, free us from blockages and help us learn better.

Hi! I'm

Sarah Balzat.

Teaching Artist & Artistic Director YBAC

Her first contact with the arts was with music. As she grew up in a family full of musicians and began performing on the stage at a very early age of 6. Music was always an important part of her live. A few years later, starting to study afro cuban movement culture at the age of 14 she was directly packed by the power and intense expression of culture of dance which is unbroken until now.


A Bachelor´s degree in classical and contemporary dance and a Master degree in choreography and dance education helps to build a bridge between arts and education and find the best method for every student.

Become a part of thecommunity

Thank You! 

Yerba Buena was founded in 2007 and in a long process with the help of many people, students and supporters. Many people have put their heart and soul in this project and have helped it become what it is today: A home for many students.

I wanna thank everybody for believing in my vision and for walking a part of it with me. Many of them are now big influencers and amazing teachers themselves to more people in this world, this makes me proud and humbles me. Without your support and effort Yerba Buena would not be what it is today! 

Giving back...

Yerba Buena Charity is a non-profit project of the Yerba Buena Art Community and focuses on the organization of non-profit events to support smaller and larger aid organizations. We want to encorage peopel to get involved into bigger questions, raise their awareness and offer them the opportunity to help. This strengthens the community we live in and actively contributes to resolving global crises.

Our recent  Works 

Check out some videos of our performances

Yerba Buena Charity “Bella Mujer

“Bluesette” Glam Mambo Project by Carla Voconi

“Mambo Gozón” Yerba Buena Charity Event “Living Water”

“Fiesta a la King” Eddie Torres & Sarah Balzat

Choreography “Timbalito” Hamburg Festival 2017

Community Piece “Living Water” at our yearly Yerba Buena Charity Event

Yerba Buena Showcase at Valentines Festival Berlin

HH Salsa Festival “Karel Flores Team Germany”

“Ran Kan Kan” Choreography Charity Event by Adolfo Indacochea

“Maria Cervantes” Yerba Buena Charity

Berlin Salsa Congress “Karel Flores Team Germany”



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