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Subscribe now and get the first chance to register once we launch!

What can you expect from us here?

Learning is our passion we work 24/7 and drink a lot of coffee to make your learning experience the best possible!

The Yerba Buena Online Academy offers more than just online classes. We combine our passion for teaching with our mission for connection. We love to get in contact with our students and through our live streams, zoom meetings, social media groups and feedback sessions we take on the challenge together. You are never alone in your learning process and will be guided through your process at any time. 

Available on all devices​

You can access the Online Academy on all devices. Take your classes on your phone, tablet or desktop.

Worldwide Access

Now you can finally train with us even if you do not live in Berlin. Learn from anywhere, whether you are at the park, at home or on holiday.

Available 24/7​

Dive into your learning process 24/7 with full flexibility. Never miss a class again and catch up on missed material. 

Made with love

We know your name! We are not just another online school. We are here to guide you and support you in your learning process via our live streams & feedback sessions.

Coming soon: Exclusive Online Courses

We are more than a usual online school. Our exclusive online courses are constructed in a way that you are guided through your learning process at any time. You are never just left alone with the teaching video. All classes are open to a limited number of participants and we take care of you along the way.


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As a student of our Online Academy you will be guided through your learning process not only with top notch  on demand classes, this will also be combined with feedback meetings and a strong bound to the community. All courses are limited in the number of participants and we know the names of all our students. Bye bye impersonal online classes, hello to the new generation of online learning!

Become a part of thecommunity

Yerba Buena was founded in 2007 and in a long process with the help of many people, students and supporters. Many people have put their heart and soul in this project and have helped it become what it is today: A home for many students.


I wanna thank everybody for believing in my vision and for walking a part of it with me. Many of them are now big influencers and amazing teachers themselves to more people in this world, this makes me proud and humbles me. Without your support and effort Yerba Buena would not be what it is today! Thank you!  



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